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Operation scheme

Unloading of fertilizers from hopper wagons
Loading commodity into designated special bulk containers
Storage of commodity in bulk containers;
Vessel’s loading by discharging special bulk containers into holds

Main characteristics of the terminal

  • Cargo turnover of the first stage of the terminal is 1.5 million tons per annum;
  • The planned cargo turnover of a second stage is up to 3 million tons per annum;
  • The rate of loading vessels depending on their cargo capacity is up to 15000 tons of weather working day;
  • The berth length is about 1 km;
  • The berth draft is up to 11.5 meters of fresh water;
  • The total storage capacity of the terminal is 120,000 tons (with potential growth of up to 160,000 tons). There is an unlimited quantity of storage of different fertilizer’s brands compared to the conventional warehousing complexes, where one brand is equal to one warehouse section. A unique design of special bulk containers ensures also high ship loading rate.

Our benefits

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Containers are used both as an elements of a mobile warehouse and as a means of loading vessels
There are possibility to accumulate various cargo lots without restrictions of the warehouse sections
Cargo can be delivered to the port both by container trains and by hopper wagons
The technology can be used at any container terminal;
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The key feature of the Terminal

The key feature of the project implemented by PhosAgro and Ultramar lies in the opportunity of fast expansion possibility of the terminal both in terms of storage and turnover capacity.

The storage capacity can be increased within 3 months depending of the business environment as compared to warehouse complexes, where construction of each warehouse from the project to construction takes more than a year.


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