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The North-Western Federal District

In order to expand the volume of transshipment of mineral fertilizers, as well as other bulk cargos through the port of Ust-Luga, ULTRAMAR is carrying out a project to create a marine terminal for the storage and transshipment of mineral fertilizers with the warehousing facilities and railway infrastructure with a total annual transshipment capacity of up to 25 million tons

The complex is located in the northern part of the port of Ust-Luga and consists of a warehouse complex with a full railway infrastructure and the marine part of the terminal, located on the reclaimed land, which is approximately 4 hectares.
The main infrastructure of the terminal, with the estimated carrying capacity is about 25 million tons per year includes
  1. The railway infrastructure of the terminal for transshipment of mineral fertilizers consists of 7 (seven) railway tracks of 1,050 meters each, three of them are receiving and departure tracks and 4 (four) railway tracks are covered by the wagon unloading stations. For handling of other general and bulk cargoes additional 6 railway tracks with a total length of about 2.5 kilometers are projected.
  2. Two Wagon Unloading Stations (WAS) are able to unload four wagons simultaneously. The unloading capacity of 71 wagons (block train) is about 4 hours for each WAS. Consecutive work of both WAS allows to reach unloading capacity of 8 block trains a day due to absence of loss of time due to wagon maneuvering.
  3. 20 dome type warehouses with a capacity of about 35,000 tons of NPK or up to 30,000 tons of urea each. Four of them allowed to store up to 25,000 tons of mineral fertilizers with the hazard fertilizers of class 5.1
  4. Open storage areas for other bulk and general commodities with a total capacity of about 500 thousand tons.
  5. Terminal part equipped by one rail mounted traveling ship loader with a capacity of up to 1,800 tons per hour and rail mounted balanced crane-manipulator with a capacity of 50 tons for work with other bulk and general cargoes. The overall berth length is going to be 330 meters at the stage I with the extension to 506 meters at the stage II.
  6. Two sided pier with a length of 2x280 (two by two hundred and eighty) meters with a depth of 17.2 (seventeen and 2/10) meters, and a draft of up to 14.5 (fourteen and 5/10) meters, is equipped with four stationary ship loaders with a capacity of 2,000 (two thousand) tons of mineral fertilizers per hour each. It is possible to load two vessels simultaneously, with the ability to moor four vessels of the coaster type simultaneously, or two vessels of the «panamax» size.
  7. All weather terminal able to handle two vessels simultaneously by either loading bulk mineral fertilizers or arrange stuffing of the cargo into the big bags with the further loading of bagged cargo on board of the vessel. All weather terminal restrictions: LOA up to 140 meters, draft of 8.5 meters and air draft of 23 meters.
Technical Indicators of the Port

Coordinates of the port water area outer roads (СК – 42)

59° 46'27.52" B

28° 25'54.89" L

59° 46'19.90" B

28° 25'52.28" L

59° 46'19.12" B

28° 25'47.88" L

59° 46'03.25" B

28° 25'45.76" L

Total area of the port (ha) 5,034
Port water area (ha) 27,32
Maximum depth (m) 17,2
Maximum capacity — DWT 120 000
Maximum draft — bulk cargo (m) 15,00
Maximum draft — general cargo, containers (m) 15,00
Number of piers 6
Total length of piers (m) 1300

Maximum ship length — bulk cargo (m)

Maximum ship length — general cargo, containers (m) 235

Perspective of scaling the project

Key technological and engineering solutions of Ultramar’s complex including high capacity of wagon unloading equipment and five ship loaders with a high-speed capacity create an opportunity of scaling the transshipment capacity for up to 25 million tons per year by the year 2022.


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